ABOUT US: Immerse yourself in the Composition & Theory Program at the University of Alabama, where excellence and innovation converge. Guided by esteemed mentors in state-of-the-art facilities, engage in thought-provoking courses that forge your path to musical distinction. Thrive in enlightening seminars and colloquia, witnessing the dynamic fusion of innovation and tradition that ignites your musical prowess. Explore the renowned Alabama Electronic Music Studio, a haven for sonic exploration. Using analog and digital tools, craft electronic art that defies sonic boundaries. Student composers annually collaborate with School of Music ensembles, breathing life into their compositions on stage. Our students garner national and international recognition through publications, conference presentations, performances by eminent ensembles, and securing preeminent awards and honors. They consistently secure positions in esteemed graduate programs and attain competitive jobs, a testament to our exceptional education. Student theorists develop analytical, listening, and writing skills as they engage with the rich, global heritage of music theory and analysis as well as the most cutting-edge research in the field. Courses topics range from counterpoint to jazz, from atonal music to popular songs. Students attend conferences and in turn develop their own ideas into papers and presentations at regional and national conferences. Embark on your journey with the University of Alabama's Composition & Theory Program, and elevate your creative aspirations where innovation knows no bounds. Your creative odyssey takes center stage here. CONTEMPORARY ENSEMBLE: Become a part of our Composition & Theory Area's Contemporary Ensemble. Experience an eclectic mix of genres and styles that come together to bring forth the cutting-edge sonic art of today, transforming innovative musical expressions into vibrant performances. We are proud to announce the arrival of our first Visiting Co-Artistic Director. Samantha Wolf, a composer and sound designer from Australia, joins the ensemble's artistic leadership. Samantha has an exceptional ability to merge classical, contemporary, acoustic, and electroacoustic music while keeping the notated tradition as her foundation. Her expertise lies in instrumental and electroacoustic music, though she has an extensive catalog of orchestral, vocal, dramatic, electronic, radio, and multimedia works and theatrical sound design. Learn more at www.samanthawolfmusic.com. DEGREES OFFERED: Bachelor of Music (BM) in Music Composition Bachelor of Music (BM) in Music Theory Master of Music (MM) in Music Composition Master of Music (MM) in Music Theory Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) in Music Composition MEET THE FACULTY Dr. Matthew Boyle mlboyle@ua.edu Dr. Timothy Gibbons tggibbons@ua.edu Dr. Stephen Gomez-Peck smgomez4@ua.edu Dr. Colin Kemper ckemper@ua.edu Dr. Thomas Robinson trobinson@ua.edu Dr. Tyler Bradley Walker tylerbwalker2@ua.edu Dr. Daniel Western weste002@ua.edu Dr. Amir Zaheri, Area Coordinator amir.zaheri@ua.edu QUESTIONS? EMAIL US! compositionandtheory@ua.edu