Contemporary Ensemble

The University of Alabama Contemporary Ensemble aims to create a welcoming, adventurous space for performers of all backgrounds and skill levels to engage with music of our time.

The ensemble aims to enlarge the audience for contemporary art music, and to generate new opportunities for its performance. The ensemble is dedicated to encouraging and nurturing the music and careers of the composers and performers of today.


The Contemporary Music Ensemble champions the belief that new music is for everyone. We welcome all – practiced musicians, budding talents, or those who simply appreciate music’s vast tapestry.


Our commitment is rooted in the core values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Recognizing these tenets as paramount, we strive to:

  • Challenge and debunk any latent assumptions about contemporary music, ensuring it is not bound to any artistic aesthetic.
  • Confront and redress the inequities that persist in our musical landscapes while continually fostering a culture of respect and open-mindedness.
  • Spotlight musical pieces that amplify the voices of underrepresented and disenfranchised groups, pushing the boundaries of traditional programming.
  • Actively identify and challenge implicit biases embedded in contemporary Western art, paving the way for a more inclusive and representative artistic future.
  • Advocate for and instill equitable practices within student ensembles, ensuring each member is both seen and heard.

With the creative and pedagogical spirit of the UA community guiding us, we curate a repertoire and environment that not only resonates with the concerns of our time but champions the voices of all, celebrating our collective resonance.

Students interested in participating in the Contemporary Ensemble are encouraged to contact Co-Artistic Director Samantha Wolf. 

The ensemble is directed by Dr. Amir Zaheri, Dr. Colin Kemper, and Professor Samantha Wolf.


What can the Contemporary Ensemble do for you?